The Fine Art Fair (FAF) is a local, community focused, volunteer run nonprofit event.
It is the mission of the FAF to stabilize not just the city this event is held in,
but the region as a whole by affecting substantial change through education and promoting art which,
through its very nature of creativity, leads to new ideas. Artists are known to revitalize communities
through innovations, problem solving, and ultimately economic growth, through the creation of new technologies and jobs,
which have the potential to stabilize our community. Our goal is to have a free to artists event
that is free to attend, pays musicians for their hard work and labor, and does not turn profit
from it over to any third party or individual, but reinvests it into the local community via charitable
donations to local organizations such as the Promise Zone:

A portion of booth fees paid for by sponsorship (rather than by participating artists) are donated to
The Promise Zone which enables children to attend college through scholarships. All artist's sales profits
remain with the participants and the community.

The FAF strives to provide a truly unique festival with an eye on benefiting the community we are a part
of and enhancing the local quality of life for everyone involved. With last year's budget of $9,778.99,
The Fine Art Fair funded both community education via college scholarships while offering low booth fees
to artists so that they may continue to focus on art which ultimately stabilizes and improves our community.